Additional Reviews

Sometimes clients review me other than on Tripadvisor, for example emailing me directly or even reviewing me in their group magazine!  Below are some of the reviews I have received:

A review of my Bloomsbury and British Museum walk in a Women’s Institute newsletter May 2016: This walk embraced the Georgian District of Bloomsbury developed 3 centuries ago by the Duke of Bedford. The area still retains a villagey feel with tree lined streets, privately owned shops and of course, the lovely squares – Russell, Tavistock and Bedford – all family names. We saw the Gandhi statue and Virginia Woolf statue, the brown plaque for T S Eliot on the Faber and Faber building and the small, poignant, bronze mitten statue by Tracy Emin outside the Foundlings Museum. Caroline gave us a fair chunk of history to go with each one. It was a bonus that the sun shone and gave the old stonework buildings a gleam. We then walked to the British Museum for a talk and explanation about the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles. If I should be 1/10th as knowledgeable as Caroline I would be a wise woman. A lovely day out”.

“Caroline guided our diverse family/friend group through the City of London one afternoon.  She “knows her stuff and gets it across” to her audience in an engaging manner.  As a teacher of 40+ years, I found her to be the consummate London tour guide” (email from client July 2014)

“Our guide was Caroline and she was great! She had a wonderful manner and her knowledge was fantastic! Stephen was asking her all sorts of questions, some not even relevant to the tour but she knew the answers! We really enjoyed the tours with her” (email from client May 2014)

“Just to say thank you very much for your tour yesterday. Everyone in the group kept telling me how much they enjoyed it. Your knowledge was brilliant. How do you remember it all?” (email from client October 2013)

“It was a most enjoyable and informative three hours led by Caroline. She knew her stuff and put it over with tremendous enthusiasm” (Tripadvisor July 2013, freelance guide for another agent)

“This was the best tour of our time in London and we would highly recommend it to others” (Tripadvisor March 2013, freelance guide for another agent)

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