Hosting a broadcast to decide “who was the most useless British monarch EVER?!”

For a bit of a giggle, watch me host this video, broadcast live by Guide London (one of the membership bodies for Blue Badge Tourist Guides) during the UK wide lockdown because of coronavirus.

Richard III,  Charles I and Queen Anne are on a small lifeboat in the middle of the Atlantic with a crew of British sailors, representing the common British people. The life boat is sinking because it is too heavy, one of the monarchs must be thrown overboard or everyone will perish.  It is up to the monarchs to make their case to the British people (as represented by me, Caroline Piper, one of the sailors).  I will decide, who was the most rubbish British monarch ever, and who must be sacrificed for the good of all……

It is available via the Guide London facebook page and YouTube channels and I have also posted it to the Piper Tours facebook page.  Simply click on the link below:

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