An article to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day – 8th May 2020

With VE day approaching, I wrote a blog article which has been published on the Guide London website.

The article “Six objects from World War II with a powerful story to tell” highlights some of the amazing objects on display in London that bring the events of that conflict so vividly to life. Reading a history book is fascinating, but to stand next to one of the “little ships” and see how truly small it was and imagine the treacherous seas of the Channel buffeting the sides as enemy fire rained down all around, or to see a damaged eagle from the Reich Chancellery that stood at the heart of the Third Reich, that brings history ALIVE! I can’t wait for the Imperial War Museum and Churchill War Rooms to reopen so I can go back to showing these moving objects to visitors and telling the dramatic stories that they represent. History is not dead, we have a relationship with it, and we should strive to understand what those who went before us thought, did and felt – if only to try and understand our own story better.

Six objects from World War II with a powerful story to tell

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