Virtual Tours and Lectures

I am pleased to introduce virtual tours and lectures during the covid-19 pandemic.  These allow you to have fun, learn something and maintain social distance!

Please enjoy this FREE virtual walking tour around the exterior of St Paul’s Cathedral!  I hope it helps to introduce you to the concept and whets your appetite to book a virtual tour.


1) Virtual Highlights Walking Tours

Virtual highlights walking tours are available of any of the walking tours on my “Themed tours” page ie:

London on Film,

The Evolving City of London,

Christopher Wren’s City of London,

Shopping London,

London’s Lungs – Explore the Royal Parks,

Secret Gardens in the City

Food and Drink

and any of the walking tours on my “A walk around…” page ie:

The City of Westminster,    The City of London,

The Docklands (Wapping),    The Docklands (Rotherhithe),

Temple and Lincoln’s Inn,     Bloomsbury,

Bankside and Shakespeare’s London,     Covent Garden,

The East End,     St James’s,

Notting Hill,     Chelsea

King’s Cross,    Highgate

2) Virtual Tours of Museums and Galleries

Due to legal / copyright issues, I cannot deliver virtual tours of all the museums and galleries where I normally guide in real life.  However, where galleries make virtual tours publicly available to all online I can use these as the basis for a tour, for example:

Virtual Highlights of the National Gallery; Paintings by Dutch and British Masters

The National Gallery is the UK’s prize collection of western European art. This virtual tour will look at the some of the highlights of the gallery by Dutch and British masters, including Jan Van Eyck in the 15th century and Rembrandt and Vermeer in the 17th century.  We will then jump to the golden age of British painting in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, to enjoy works by George Stubbs, John Constable and JMW Turner.   The tour will explore how artistic techniques, attitudes and aspirations developed and were shaped by the context in which painters lived.

Please contact me with details of your group and what you would like to explore and I will advise what is possible in each case.

3) Virtual Lectures

Virtual versions are available of all the lectures / talks on my “Speaking” page ie

The British love affair with Tea,

Private Lives in the Public Sphere,

James Bond – a British Hero

A History of London Shopping

4) The London TREASURE HUNT and QUIZ 

Get to know London with this fun virtual treasure hunt and quiz!  Using google maps you will be directed to a certain place, such as the junction of 2 roads, or a particular spot in a park, or in front of a specific building, and asked to find a noticeable feature.  This could be a funny looking building, a statue or even street art.  You will be asked a question to prove you have found the right place and then there will be linked quiz questions for bonus marks!  This is a test of your observation skills, knowledge of London and general knowledge.  The Quiz Master’s word is final (after amusing discussion, of course!)

Have fun and explore a piece of the jigsaw puzzle…..


5) Bespoke quizzes and competitions

Virtual tours and lectures are available in 2 formats, depending on what works best for you:

Format 1: Live webinars via zoom

Webinars will be delivered live via zoom, using photos and images to show you the highlights points of interest from a virtual walking or museum/gallery tour.   The webinar will be approx 45 mins long with 15 minutes for questions at the end.

Technology requirements: access to email and zoom

Note: available to all and at short notice

Format 2: Highlights video tours

Highlights video tours will include 6 or 7 of the main points of interest normally explored during a typical 2 hour long real-life tour, with a short video made by me at each.  These will be available on YouTube , linked together into a playlist so that they can be easily played one after the other, with a total video length of approx 40-45 mins.

The videos and playlist will be unlisted on YouTube so they are only accessible via a private link emailed to clients, and will be available for 2 weeks before deletion.  A live chat can be scheduled on facebook if desired so participants can ask questions and share comments.

Technology requirements: access to email and YouTube

Note: This format relies on clients not to copy or distribute the videos without my permission, so it will only be available to existing clients

Note: This format needs notice to give me time to shoot the videos!  This will only be done in accordance with government public health guidelines.

Fees and Terms

Introductory cost £5 per person

Minimum group size / cost = 15 people or £75.

Maximum group size = 50 for format 1.  No maximum group size for format 2. 

Please contact me via email to discuss or book:

Confirmation of the booking is by email, once dates and content are agreed.

I will invoice you after the booking (when participant numbers are known).  Payment should be made in one go by the organiser to Caroline.  Payments can be made by online bank transfer (preferred if you are UK based) or via paypal (international clients).

Cancellation charges: waived at this time.